England struggling to handle influx of migrants from Rhyl


Councils across England have today expressed concerns at the recent influx of migrants crossing the Welsh border and making their way to towns and cities, claiming to be ‘seeking asylum’ from the Welsh coastal town of Rhyl.

“You don’t know what it’s like where we come from”, explained Rhyl-born Dave Price arriving at Blackpool Station this morning. “Can you imagine living in a place where you’re marginalised and discriminated against just because of your line of work? Every man should be able to pedal small quantities of whiz freely and without prejudice”.

When questioned on whether England really does have a problem with asylum seekers from North Wales, police chief Martin Davies said: “If by ‘asylum’ you mean benefits, and by ‘seeker’ you mean lying on the sofa eating Pringles in your underpants, then yes, we have a huge fucking problem here”

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