“Even I don’t bother turning up on a Friday night”, admits Harry the Tivoli ghost

The Tivoli, Buckley - Most Haunted and Harry the ghost"Erm, excuse me, I'm still locked in the fucking Tiv"


After being trapped in the building for what is likely to be an eternity, the traumatised spirit that haunts the rooms of the Tivoli Nightclub in Buckley has admitted that even he won’t be seen dead in the place on a Friday night.

“Harry”, who made a brief appearance on Really’s Most Haunted programme last week, is alleged to have died in a fire that broke out in the building many decades ago.

“I don’t care what desperate offers they have going on that VK Blue, you won’t see me floating around the Ballrooms on a Friday, mate”, explained Harry today. “For a start, the whole point in being a ghost is that you can haunt people. Therein lies the challenge with this place – there are no people. As you can imagine I’m not quite up to speed on 21st century nightclub marketing, but someone’s proper fucked up here somewhere.”

He continued: “People have been saying how amazing it was that I communicated with the Most Haunted team when they turned up that time. Believe me, I didn’t communicate with them because they possess some rare ability to speak with the afterlife, I spoke out because they were the first fucking people I’d seen for about six months”.