Facebook outage leaves thousands of dinners across Wales unphotographed

"Well I just won't eat it then"


A twenty-minute Facebook outage sparked panic across Wales today as thousands of users were left unable to upload sepia-toned pictures of what they were having for tea.

The downtime, which is the second the network has experienced in as many months, also left hundreds unable to tag themselves in the airport, share even more photos of their dogs, or tell people they watched the Wales Belgium match last night.

42-year-old Sandra Thomas from Mold, who religiously shares a snap of her Summer Fruits Kopparberg with the telly in the background on Fridays, was also left frustrated: ‘This is the one time of the week I get a few hours to relax and take photographs of my drink, but it’s totally meaningless if everybody I went to school with don’t even know it’s happening”.

“I haven’t had any face-to-face interaction with these people for decades, but it’s imperative that they know when I’m trying to relax with an artificially flavoured cider’.

Wales’ health and fitness industry was also dealt a blow, as gyms and exercise classes across the country were left eerily empty for nearly half an hour.

Ryan Smith, manager of LA Fitness in Swansea said: ‘Everybody knows that a workout in the gym is effectively pointless if you’re unable to tall every bastard about it.’

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