Thirty lorry stowaways caught attempting to leave Flint


A large group of predominantly white stowaways have been found in the back trailer of a Scania lorry leaving Flint on the A55 this morning, North Wales Police have confirmed.

The group, made up largely of white middle-class Welsh, were found tucked between boxes and scattered beneath sheets of tarpaulin. Tim Scott, who was driving the lorry, claims he was shocked to discover that he was inadvertently smuggling desperate residents away from the town.

“I didn’t suspect anything until I heard someone scream “We’re out!” when I arrived at the roundabout in Northop. I called the police and they responded quickly, gathered them up and sent them back”.

Police Chief Simon Davis said: “Sadly this is a common occurrence. We appreciate that they don’t technically require a passport or work permit to leave Flint as such, but we believe it’s best to contain the problem and keep them in anyway”.