Guy you went to school with still wearing popper pants and Kappa jacket


A guy you went to school with many years ago is still wearing a pair of Adidas popper pants, battered Lonsdale trainers and a Kappa rain jacket, it has emerged.

Martin Edwards, who also wears a Naff jacket and a stripy Joe Bloggs jumper in the winter, can still be seen wandering up and down the high street of his hometown on Saturdays, messing around with a yoyo and popping his trousers open to the knees when it gets too warm.

“I remember those clothes being pretty cool to be fair, even to the point where he made me a bit jealous”, admitted school friend David Peers. “But I am referring to the summer of 1997 – the lad needs to move on. He’d look out of touch at a Sports Direct closing down sale”.

Another school pal Tim Jones said: “Perhaps he suffered years of cruel bullying and was so scarred he couldn’t move on? I admit though, I’m really tempted to re-live the old days and rip his popper pants open and give him a massive wedgie”.