‘Teletext’ revolution sweeps through Anglesey

"Welcome to the information superhighway"


The residents of Anglesey have been thrown head first into the information superhighway this week, after ‘Teletext’ became available to all those lucky enough to own a colour television set.

The ‘information retrieval service’ will enable anybody with a remotely operated TV to access latest news, weather updates and horoscopes with just the click of a button.

Islander Edward Jones said: “I support Liverpool, but I’ve not been able to keep a proper check on the scores for a good thirty years. The last I heard we were basically unstoppable with Rush up top. I can only assume that nothing has really changed since then”.

The technological revolution on the island comes just a few weeks after Llangefni resident Huw Jones became the first islander to successfully make a telephone call using a mobile phone device.

It was later discovered however that Huw was just the local psychiatric patient shouting maniacally into a house brick.