The Tiv loses last ever customer as Harry the Ghost moves to Liquid

"I'm off, mate"


The Tivoli nightclub in Buckley has said goodbye to its last ever customer this weekend after loyal regular ‘Harry the Ghost’ finally packed his bags and moved to Wrexham’s Liquid & Envy.

Harry, who’s remained a consistent visitor at the venue for several decades, says that even he can’t be seen dead in the place any longer, and will instead spend his next few years in Wrexham.

Leaving Buckley this morning, the deceased projectionist said: “The last straw was overhearing a customer saying that you can’t get any decent spirits in the Tiv these days. I beg to differ. It’s comments like that that really make you realise that you’re not wanted anymore”.

He continued: “I know I’ll feel at home in Liquid. Smashing mirrors and glasses over people’s heads and attacking bar staff seem to be a perfectly acceptable practices”.