Buckley celebrates opening of 79th hair & beauty salon


The residents of Buckley have gathered to celebrate the opening of the town’s 79th hair & beauty salon today, reports have confirmed.

The council, who quickly welcomed the news, recently turned down offers from two well-priced restaurants, a gym and a WH Smiths, which they believed would have had a negative effect on the experiences of those who frequent the town centre.

Proud owner Emma Parry, who opened her doors on Saturday, said: “Literally every conceivable name for a hair salon has been taken in Buckley now, so we’re just calling it ‘Another Hair Salon’. I like it. It’s sort of casual and flippant but in a very modernistic, on-purpose kind of way’.

Local councillor, David Jones, who cut the ribbon, said: “We’re pleased at the opening of Another Hair Salon. We want to ensure that when in Buckley, you’re never more than 1.5 metres away from a potential perm, pedicure or sunset bronze spray tan. We’re delivering on that promise”.

He continued: “If you want clothes shops, somewhere to eat or a place to buy a book, then f**k off to Mold. Our local economy is based on good hair and well-maintained fingernails, so deal with it.

Residents are also said to be delighted with the news. Local bricklayer, Vince Thomas, said: “I love that we now live in a town where any man can wander the streets safe in the knowledge that, should his Shellac nails crack or even break, he’s never more than a hair clip’s throw away from an NVQ-qualified nail technician”.