Mold’s Darby and Joan Club fined for excessive noise and rowdiness

"It was a free bar and shit got messy very quickly"


The Darby and Joan Club in Mold has received a fine from Flintshire’s Environmental Health department this week for what they called ‘excessive late night noise and general rowdiness’, it’s been revealed.

The club, used by senior citizens, held an 86th birthday party on Wednesday evening, and received over ten complaints. Three of the complaints came from teenagers trying to have a quiet drink in nearby Wetherspoons.

James Thomas, 18, who was seated in the smoking area of Spoons just fifteen feet away, said: “I came out with the lads for a quiet night out, but it was ruined by all the raving and shouting from over the road. They were pointing fireworks at us”.

Maureen Price, 89, who still has a raging hangover, said: “We were only going to have a quiet one but it was a free bar and shit got messy very quickly. We were off our tits by nine”.

“It’s just one of those things”, she added, “you pop out for a sherry and a waltz and it turns into an impromptu rave with jaeger bombs and speed”.