Christmas already cancelled as Coca-Cola truck has wheels stolen in Wrexham

Holidays aren't coming, holidays aren't coming


Christmas celebrations have been cancelled before they’ve even begun this year after the Coca-Cola lorry had its wheels stolen in Wrexham.

The world-famous truck, which for many symbolises the start of the festive season, was also stripped of its contents during its one hour visit to the town.

The driver of the lorry, who had to get the train home, said: “When I pulled into Eagles Meadow I saw a load of kids approaching, which is perfectly normal. But instead of clapping, smiling and taking photos, they were jacking the lorry up and robbing the wheels, the little shits. I think we’ll skip Wrexham next year”.

Mike Jones, 18, who bagged himself two hub caps and a crate of glass Coke bottles, said: “He was in our territory and he paid the price. The same goes for Santa Claus too; he best make sure he sorts his third party fire and theft out before he gets to Caia Park this year”.