Top 5 most UNIQUE places to stay in North Wales revealed

Unfortunately this isn't really in North Wales. Would be nice though.


We take a look at the top five most unique, quirky and downright bizarre places to lay your head in North Wales. How many have you been to?

Denbigh Mental Asylum, Denbigh


This roomy hideaway in Denbighshire will drive you mental with its unique layout and style. With several soiled mattresses and abandoned solitary confinement units available, you’re bound to find something that suits you. The building is also animal-friendly, particularly with rats and stray rabid dogs.

Downsides: It’s haunted as shit and you may become violently possessed.

WW Rating: 6/10


Bromfield Industrial Estate, Mold


Step over the broken glass and lay your head in an abandoned warehouse for the night. Unassumingly situated just outside Mold town centre, it offers a variety of dark lanes and hedges for added privacy to get on with whatever it is you’re doing in a dark industrial estate at night. That’s your business.

WW rating: 8/10


Rhyl’s abandoned Sky Tower

Sky tower by dusk_med

If you’re not afraid of heights, are an adept free climber and don’t mind looking at the whole of Rhyl in one go, this place is right up your street. With shelter from the wind and rain and a rotating function, your evening will be an orgy of sights, sounds and smells. Mainly smells.

Downsides: It’s in Rhyl

WW rating: 7/10


Back of the Tiv, Buckley


With good protection from the elements once you’ve broken into the smoking shelter, this is a pleasant little spot. The building’s rear end is positioned perfectly for a midnight run to the supermarket, which is conveniently placed just metres away. But don’t go at midnight as it won’t be open.

Downsides: Somebody might vomit WKD Blue and pizza on you while you sleep

WW Rating: 7.5/10


Some Creepy Guy’s Spare Bedroom Somewhere on Anglesey


With personal service guaranteed, Some Creepy Bloke’s Spare Bedroom Somewhere On Anglesey will have you coming back time and time again, providing you survive the first visit. Best not to make eye contact, however. If you wake in the dead of night to find him lurking over you, just let him get on with whatever it is he’s doing.

Downsides: He rarely has any lube, so bear that in mind

WW Rating: 2/10