The Best Chat Up Lines From Across North Wales

Guaranteed to work. Even for lads from Denbigh.


If you’ve found yourself single for the first time in ages, you may have noticed that the world has changed a fair bit. If it’s all getting a bit too much, fear not, Warped Wales is here with a list of chat-up lines that are *GUARANTEED to get you back in the game.

*Disclaimer: Not guaranteed whatsoever. 


Chat Up Lines From Across North Wales

If you’re on a date with a lady, you must show her that you can be verbally arousing and aware of your surroundings at the same time. Tantalize her by incorporating nearby landmarks and areas into your dialogue.

Below, Warped Wales has provided you with a comprehensive list of examples, just to get you on your way:


“Rhyl’s Sky Tower might be closed, but mine is still open for business”


“Ask your mate if she fancies a couple of days away, because I’m going to ‘Bangor’ all weekend”


“Yeah, I love spooning too! The Mold one does a curry & a pint for a fiver on Tuesdays, fancy it?”


“Your legs are like Broughton McDonald’s: Easy access, and the only thing open 24 hours with a fish option”


“I can’t believe your ex treated you like that. I’m a Denbighshire lad and I think you Dyserth much better”


“Home is where the heart is. I like to think that all Flintshire birds have a little Hawarden inside them”


“I’m picturing me and you really drunk, listening to some music in a dark, empty room. Fancy the Tiv?”


“I’m a bit like those villages in-between Mold and Wrexham: I’m extremely Llong and I’ll never Llay to you. But I apologise in advance for the Cymau”


“Enough of this talking, put an Abersoch in it, you’ve pulled”


“Fancy some geographical role playing? Your left leg is Mold and your right leg is Buckley. And I’m Mynydd Isa”


“My ex is a bit like Rhyl: Cold, empty and devoid of anything interesting. Plus she was a massive drug addict”


“If you play your cards right, I’ll let you Chirk me off”