Concerns grow as thousands of rugby fans vanish off Facebook again


Concerns are growing for thousands of rugby fans who have inexplicably disappeared from social media, seemingly overnight, we can reveal.

The last ‘fan’ was seen posting something in relation to the sport at some point yesterday afternoon, but like many others has failed to make an appearance since.

Social media expert Simon Jones said: “Oddly, the last time something like this happened on this scale was exactly this time last year.”

“In the weeks leading up to their disappearance our data shows that they are exceptionally active with posts about the sport in such a manner that would indicate that it must be a big part of their everyday lives. But then out of nowhere they’re just gone, like a fart in the wind”.

In a bid to offer reassurance to concerned relatives, Jones stressed that his data also indicates that the missing thousands will more than likely resurface again at some point in February 2018.