Michael Portillo’s Railway Journeys thwarted by Arriva train delays


The filming of the BBC show Michael Portillo’s Railway Journeys was put on hold this week due to a series of Arriva Trains Wales delays.

The show follows Portillo on a journey by train across the country, taking in what each stop has to offer. The issues are thought to have started on the North Wales leg of 63-year-old’s trip.

The show’s producer, Edward Jones, said: “The delays started at Shotton. The train was due at 8.38am and we were still sitting at the shelter gone 11. And to add to that Michael’s pink trousers were making us prime mugging targets”.

Asked how he coped with the frustrating delays, Portillo said: “For the first time in the programme’s history we had to do an entire episode in a seven-seater taxi from Beeline in Mold, which kind of defeats the purpose of the show a little”