Proud moment as Grand National accept first ever horse from Wrexham


The people of Wrexham will be keeping an eager but proud eye on this weekend’s Grand National as the town will have its first ever entrant.

4-year-old Geraint Roberts, from Hightown, will enter the steeplechase as a wildcard following the death of another entrant. But at 35000/1, many aren’t expecting much.

Proud trainer Mike Edwards said: “We were shocked to get the call but I think we’re ready. He isn’t exactly what you’d call thoroughbred, in fact his ancestry seems to indicate that he’s more yak than horse, but we’ll give it a good go”.

Gamblers hoping to spend their hard-earned cash on the local outsider must be advised that Geraint’s raging Spice addiction means he has a tendency run around in small circles when he hears a gun going off.