Conservative Election Rally: May fails to impress tough Denbigh crowd


Theresa May has regretted choosing Denbigh as her final stop on the Conservative campaign rally, after she failed to make any impact on those who attended.

Arriving late this afternoon, May was escorted by security to her stage, which was an upturned crate ordinarily used to store cattle feed.

Stephen Roberts, a 5-year-old Black Welsh Mountain sheep originally from Colwyn Bay, said: “Before the Tories arrived I was sitting on the fence.

“I don’t mean I was politically uncommitted, I mean I was literally sitting on the fence when her bus pulled up, so I jumped off and headed over.”

Asked how he felt about Theresa’s promises, he said: “I like the fox stuff she was talking about, but other than that I was largely unimpressed. As a farm animal, I don’t feel a hard Brexit affects me a great deal”.

A spokesman for May’s team, who are now boarding the bus ready to leave for home said: “It’s been an up and down day. The crowd just stared, looking gormless and dead-eyed, almost as if they couldn’t even understand English.

“But then we moved from Wrexham and came here to Denbigh. We think it ended fairly well”.