Wrexham woman realises she has kids during internet outage

Do they require anything?


A Wrexham woman was amazed to discover that she has ‘at least six children’ today after her Sky Broadband connection was interrupted.

Gemma Jones, 28, was forced to face life beyond the comfort of her 4.5-inch screen after Sky announced widespread issues with its service to customers in North Wales. It was at this point she noticed the whining sound of what appeared to be children running around her feet.

“I’ve been on Facebook for seven years”, explained the mother of what she so far believes to be half a dozen small people. “I had been noticing a few high-pitched crying sounds over the years, plus the occasional tug on my trouser leg, but I just put it down to ghosts or something”.

“Do I need to feed them things?”

Gemma says that she’ll be ready to tackle motherhood just as soon as her connection is re-established, at which point she will surely find an app or a Facebook group that will sort all this bother out.