Mold Alex refuse to rule out Ronaldo bid


A bid for Cristiano Ronaldo is not being ruled out, according to the Mold Alex chairman.

The four time Ballon d’Or winner has found himself embroiled in a tax scandal in Spain, fuelling rumours of a possible move away from Madrid.

“We aren’t ruling anything out at this stage”, said Alex chairman Dave Roberts this afternoon. “He’s conquered the Prem and now La Liga, and apparently he wants a new challenge. The Cymru Alliance could be just the challenge he’s been aching for”.

Quizzed on whether he thinks he could entice the Portuguese megastar to swap Madrid for Mold, he said. “We have a market day and a Subway, so I should imagine so”.

“The only issue at the moment is the one billion pound buyout clause on his contract.

“We may have to organise a raffle”.