7 Places Wales is Hotter Than Today


It’s not a proper Welsh heatwave until you’ve seen a list of places that Wales is warmer than.

Prepare to put your best smug face on, as we’ve found seven of them.


1. The Outer Hebrides

Probably. We haven’t checked BBC Weather to verify this, but we reckon that Wales will be slightly warmer than the Outer Hebrides today.


2. The Fortress of Solitude (Superman)

It’s not often we get one over on Superman, but today we have. His icy fortress will be considerably cooler than Wales for most of the day today. Have it.


3. The remote Island of Kihnu

Look at their jealous faces

You heard it. The folk of Kihnu in Estonia will be languishing down at the 15 degree mark today. Get the deck chair out, grab a beer and bask in their probable envy.


4. The Dark Side of the Moon

Much warmer, in fact. We don’t have exact data, but neither do you, so let’s just say it’s correct.


5. The Toronto Snow Storm of 1944

Look at them, all frostbitten and angry. I bet they wish they were in Wales. And 73 years in the future.


6. This Time Last Week

It’s more of a point in time than a place, but we’re running out of ideas and assumed you wouldn’t have read this far anyway.


7. Theresa May’s Heart

We don’t know the specific temperature, but it looks pretty nippy in there.

Not exactly an achievement. The bottom drawer of your freezer can claim the same thing, but still.