Buckley to sacrifice Mold resident for Jubilee 2017


The Buckley Jubilee 2017 itinerary will include sacrificing a Mold resident to appease the Gods, it’s been revealed

The annual parade, unique to the town, is traditionally led by the Buckley Town Band and concludes with a lovely funfair on the Common. This year the parade will end with a bloody ritual to fend off evil spirits.

Buckley Town Council member Richard Price said: “With the funfair and all the drinking, I feel we have lost sight of what the Buckley Jubilee means: Solidifying our place by the Lord’s side for when Judgement Day arrives.

“So this year we will have a cotton candy cart, a slide for the kids, and a brutal ritual involving the bloody sacrifice of a Mold resident, who, as we all know, are demons”.

“It starts at seven and there’s no free parking”.