Andy Murray ‘Scottish’ again


Andy Murray is widely considered to be ‘Scottish’ again following his Wimbledon exit this afternoon, it’s been revealed.

The 30-year-old was defeated by American Sam Querrey in front of a disappointed Centre Court crowd earlier, quickly throwing his national status and identity into question again.

Emma Jones, who watched the contest from Henman Hill, said: “I’ve been cheering Andy on all week and haven’t even mentioned his nationality, it’s not really about that.

“But when I think about it, on reflection, and after watching him limp off like an injured spaniel, I’d probably consider him to be Scottish. For now at least.

“Should he heroically reach at least the quarter finals in any future championships, I may reconsider my answer. But at the moment he’s the most Scottish man in the world.”

Fellow tennis fan Richard Stamp added: “Apparently this Sam Querrey chap has an uncle who lives in Grimsby, so I think we can safely claim this one as British victory anyway”.