Anglesey coastal erosion taking the piss now


The coastal erosion on Anglesey is seriously beginning to take the piss, remaining residents have said.

Losing five feet per week, the island is now the world’s most populated area by square metre, with some 60,000 people delicately perched on what remains.

Local Richard Price, who claims the novelty of every resident being guaranteed a sea view has worn off, said: “Beaumaris is looking more like Atlantis now. Yesterday my neighbour went out to water his geraniums and he fell in the Irish Sea. It’s taking the piss now”.

Mayor Glen Jones, who has been assessing the rapid land loss from his home, said:  “If the Island loses another ten metres, residents will technically be classed as ‘Environmental Refugees’, which means they can seek asylum in nearby coastal towns like Rhyl or Prestatyn.

“In light of that, the general consensus is that dying a watery death probably won’t be as bad as it sounds”, he added.