S4C admit some staff paid with expired Tesco Clubcard vouchers


S4C has released the wage details of some of its biggest on-screen stars today, revealing that some are paid with meal-deal coupons and expired supermarket vouchers.

Despite not being taxpayer-funded, the Welsh TV network felt obliged to reveal the details to its viewers following the BBC’s decision to do so earlier this week.

News presenter Aiden Jones, whose name appeared on the list today said: “It’s quite embarrassing. I think people see you on telly and assume you’re doing really well, but that’s not always true.

“Last month I was paid with an expired Tesco Clubcard voucher and a GAME reward card they found behind a filing cabinet. It only had six points on it.”

Network head manager Edward Parry, whose decision it was to release the information to the press, explained: “We’re just being open and honest. It makes me laugh though, how the BBC staff are fighting amongst each other about pay gaps and equality. I had to pay our top actor with a Pot Noodle last month