Buckley solved Traveller issue by telling them “Mold loves Gypsies”


The town of Buckley solved its problem with Travellers by telling them that Mold absolutely loves Gypsies, it has emerged.

The Flintshire town was home to a large group of Travellers for several days after many decided to set up camp on the Buckley Common. Following episodes of antisocial behavior and the Council embarrassingly bitching out and buying them toilets, the townspeople said they’d had enough.

Richard Price, who was a part of the group who saw off the caravan community said: “I realised we had to take care of this ourselves. If we left it up to Flintshire County Council they’d be having a swimming pool built by now.

“I got a load of lads together and headed down there. Not to show any aggression of course. We just told them there was a town down the road called Mold that’s totally mental for Gypsies and would have them in their gardens if they could.

“They left in that direction and that was that. Easy.”