Wrexham and Chester fans to celebrate lifting of bubble match status with mass brawl

"I plan to celebrate by kicking one of them in the nads"


Wrexham and Chester fans plan to celebrate the lifting of the ‘bubble match’ status this season by kicking the living shit out of each other at the first opportunity, it has emerged.

The Cross-border Derby has remained under the close control of police for the last five years following an increase in tension between rival supporters, but a string of ‘calm’ meetings between the two has prompted officials to lift the restrictions for the coming season.

Wrexham fan Dave Jones, who was growing tired of being ferried to Chester by a police convoy, said: “It’s a great season not just for Wrexham and Chester, but for football. If I want to smack someone round the face with a plank of wood I’ve found in a skip, I should be able to do so without being monitored and judged. I’ve finally been handed my rights back”.

The first meeting between the two will take place in November at Chester, and will be the first time in half a decade that fans can go about their business unsupervised.

Jones added: “I’m in the mood to celebrate this news, and the best way to do that is to lamp the first Chester fan I see round the back of the head and maybe throw in a kick to the bollocks while he’s on the floor.

“You see my problem here.”