Anguilla sends well-wishes to Wales as Storm Aileen batters recycling



Residents of Anguilla have flooded Twitter with messages of support to Wales this evening after Storm Aileen rampaged its way through recycling bins up and down the country.

Scott Green, from Wrexham, says he can now sympathise with the British Overseas Territory, which was recently left devastated by the Category 5 Hurricane Irma.

“One minute everything was normal, then whoosh, the big black bin just toppled over”, recalled the 34-year-old this evening, still retrieving empty cans of Carlsberg strewn across the street.

“Then Storm Aileen turned her attention to the blue box I put the glass and plastic inside, just flipping it over like it was nothing. It was terrifying.”

Storm Aileen’s attack on the nation’s recycling has caught the attention of islanders in the Caribbean, many of whom are still under threat from the one of the strongest hurricanes recorded in recent history.

Anguilla resident, Maurice Parker, returned to his devastated street this morning. “I’m without a home, there are no schools or churches left and I can’t find my sister”, he said on Twitter. “But at the moment I’m saving the positive vibes I have left for Wrexham. When will Storm Aileen release the nation from her deathly grip?”

According to reports, #PrayForStormAileenRecyclingVictims is currently trending number one on Twitter across seven stricken Caribbean islands.