Welsh edition of new tenner to feature Hal Robson-Kanu

A face of historical significance


Hal Robson-Kanu will be forever immortalised on the Welsh edition of the new £10 note, we can reveal.

The Euro 2016 hero’s face will adorn 20% of the brand new ten pound notes currently being printed by the Royal Mint in Llantrisant, with the rest having Jane Austen. Hal’s face will be in full circulation by mid-October, according to the Bank of England.

It’s believed that street slang for the new note will quickly become commonplace in Wales, with people likely referring the amount of ten pounds as ‘a Hal’, and £30 as ‘Three Kanus’.

Welsh historian Mike Jones said: “This is great for Wales. Yes, Jane Austen is historically significant in that she left the world with literary creations still being pored over by scholars today, but did she Cruyff turn an entire Belgian defence and fire home a goal in the closing stages of a major international tournament? I doubt it”.