Dragging kids round Abakhan the perfect punishment, say parents

You sick bastards


Dragging your kids around Abakhan to look at sheets of flowery fabric is the perfect form of punishment, parents have agreed.

A snap Facebook poll suggests that the idea ranks as more effective than banning Xbox, smacking and even threatening to holiday in Prestatyn instead of Spain.

Shotton mum of three, Sandra Jones, recommends the tactic to other mums in the region. “If they’re starting to act like spoilt little shits, just hop in the car and take them on a three hour quest to find some new duvet cover designs in Abakhan. They’ll be like putty in your hands”, she said, laughing maniacally.

After the child-taming secret began circulating on social media, Childline have reportedly seen a 40% increase in Abakhan related emotional trauma calls.