Dog planning revenge on firework neighbours by barking for 12 months

You'll still be regretting that firework display in June next year.


A dog that was left traumatised by a neighbour setting off fireworks is planning on paying them back by barking continuously in the garden for the next 12 months, he has confirmed.

Stephen Roberts, a 4-year-old golden retriever from Wrexham, was left cowering under the kitchen table for several hours while the family next door fired cheap rockets into the sky for entertainment.

“I have no idea what the hell that was, but I think I shit myself”, said Roberts today, still shaking from the ordeal. “I’m not letting this one pass lightly”.

“First thing tomorrow morning, I’m heading out to the garden to begin a year-long campaign of continuous howling and barking at nothing in particular. The bloke who was firing the big rockets works nights too, so this should be a fun year for him”.

“This revenge attack works out quite well as I happen to like barking anyway”, he added.