Dad taking son to Chester Zoo on Google Earth after seeing the prices

"We can go to Spain too if you want"


A dad is taking his son on a virtual tour of Chester Zoo on Google Earth after learning the cost of taking him there in real life.

David Jones, 36, woke his 4-year-old son Oliver this morning with the news that they were off on a wild zoo adventure, before opening his Asus laptop.

“I want my son to learn about the wonders of life but I’m not re-mortgaging for it”, explained David today midway through the exciting laptop adventure.

“For those prices I’d expect to see a gorilla wrestling with a shark or something. I did email them but apparently that’s not possible, so Google StreetView it is”.

The Wrexham dad claims to have even more exciting adventures planned this weekend.

“Tomorrow I’m going to pretend we’ve had a lovely day at Knowlsley Safari Park by ripping off my car wing mirrors and shitting on the bonnet”.