Study reveals what North Wales looked like 65 million years ago


North Wales was absolutely mental during the Jurassic period, experts have claimed.

A five year, £300,000 study conducted at Glyndwr University, claims that the land was dominated by things that exist today, only much, much bigger.

Professor Ed Price, who led the research team, said: “We have absolutely no fossil records to back this up whatsoever, but we reckon a newborn lamb would have been the size of a Renault Scenic, and they were horribly carnivorous. Most probably.”

He added: “Fully grown, a Welsh Jurassic sheep would have been the size of about 37 Renault Scenics stacked on top of each other. We think.”

When asked how accurate he thinks the results of the study are, he said: “We’re using a Renault Scenic as our main unit of measurement, so what do you think? But they keep paying me and they can’t prove I’m wrong, so fuck it”.