Meghan brought back down to earth with engagement bash at the Ewloe Social


Meghan Markle’s fairytale engagement to a prince has been humbled by plans to celebrate the occasion at the Social in Ewloe, it’s been revealed.

A popular venue with the Royals for some reason, the club has rolled out the red carpet three times for the family this year alone, but actress Markle was expecting a little more.

“Everything has been diamonds, roses and castles so far. It’s been like a dream”, said the Suits actress today. “But I forgot he is British, which means any kind of celebration has to be held at a social club with a selection of reasonably priced cask ales”.

Bar manager, Rich Jones, said: “She should be honoured. We’re postponing a darts tournament with the Buckley Workingmen’s Club for this.

“And we’re putting on a spread, which I have to drive to Asda for. Don’t hear me moaning about petrol costs.”