Derek the weatherman celebrating first accurate prediction

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BBC Wales weatherman Derek Brockway is revelling in victory today after finally predicting a weather event that ended up happening in real life.

The 50-year-old weather veteran made claims of ‘widespread snow’ for Sunday, and to the surprise of the nation, his claims were reasonably spot on.

Wrexham man Richard Jones said: “The usual procedure is to listen to what Derek Brockway says and promptly prepare for the polar opposite. He warned of snow today, so naturally I planned on walking up Moel Famau in beach shorts. but it’s like Canada out there. Well done, Derek, well done.”

BBC Wales producer Iwan Roberts was equally thrilled with his colleague’s success, he said: “I remember when we had a wild storm a few years ago where three people were tragically killed by flying debris. Just twelve hours earlier, Derek forecasted ‘patchy sunshine’. So this is a great improvement for him”.

“Although a part of me does think that he just copied what he saw on the national news, but I’ll let him have this one. This is his moment”, he added.