Karma as rugby video referee’s plane is GROUNDED at Gatwick

Stranded for hours. Ha.


The Television Match Official responsible for the abysmal ‘No Try’ decision on Saturday is stuck in Gatwick after his plane was grounded due to stormy weather, we are thoroughly thrilled to report.

The ‘TMO’, who was overseeing the highly-anticipated Six Nations clash, made what experts have since called a “complete arse-twat of a decision”, a decision which led to England stealing the victory.

“I am happy to report that the TMO in question is stranded in Gatwick after his plane was hilariously grounded”, confirmed a Welsh reporter outside the airport this evening.

“He also hasn’t had a shower since the game, has no spare underpants and is surrounded by a group of rowdy Rangers fans off to a stag do in Fuengirola. And all the toilets are out of order. And he has to fly RyanAir instead. Shame innit”, he added.