Welsh Bobsleigh Team arrives in Pyeongchang


The Welsh Bobsleigh Team have touched down in Pyeongchang ahead of their Winter Olympics debut next week.

Representing Great Britain, the North Wales-based team will hopefully compete in Tuesday’s qualifiers, provided Ian has brought enough nails and WD40 to sort out the wobbly front wheel that was damaged in transit.

Forklift Driver/Olympian Mike Price, who is only a part of the team because it was his garage the sleigh was built in, said: “We’ve not been able to practice without the training wheels yet, apparently you need some kind of special licence to go sliding down the Wylfa Hill on a slab of plywood. But it can’t be that hard.”

Positive about their chances, manager Patrick Jones has been busy preparing: “We’re composing a catchy rhyme to chant as we’re pushing down the track, just for motivation”, he said. “Dave reckons we should go with: “Cymru Rhythm! Cymru on Top! Move out of the way, we can’t stop”.

“It’s catchy and it serves as a fair warning to anyone standing near the finishing line”.