Man plans to call in sick with ‘Earthquake Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome’


A man is hoping that ‘Earthquake Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome’ is a thing, it has emerged.

32-year-old Ben Jones, from Wrexham, experienced the UK’s strongest earthquake for 10 years yesterday while in the kitchen, and feels he is due at least one Monday away from the office.

“I was washing up at the time”, explained Ben today, still shaken up. “I felt a slight rumble and wobble, and the mug I had placed on the drainer moved slightly all by itself. I had to duck for cover, it was bloody awful”.

“I’m beginning to wonder how this has affected me psychologically, and feel I owe it to my employer to call in tomorrow – they don’t want a mess like me on their hands right now”.

Ben’s wife Hannah was present during the unusual event. “It was truly unbelievable”, she explained. “I’ve never experienced anything like it before, I wish I had recorded it.

“Ben actually did the fucking washing up. Amazing.”