Rhyl man lives on an Arriva Sapphire bus as it’s nicer than his flat


A man has moved onto an Arriva Sapphire bus permanently as the conditions onboard are much nicer than his Rhyl flat, he has claimed.

With leather seats, charging ports and free WiFi, 34-year-old Lee Davies claims the luxury double-decker offers a considerably higher standard of living than his one bedroom bedsit on the seafront.

The father of two said: “My landlord won’t fix the damp and my neighbour is a psychopath who keeps setting the hallway on fire, so as you can imagine, I wasn’t exactly a satisfied tenant”.

Davies made the switch after catching a bus from Holywell back to his hometown back in November. He explained: “I was approaching Rhyl and thought hang on, I’m warm here, I have internet and it costs £5.50 a day, I might just stay for the night. And I just kind of stayed ever since”.

“I have been on an endless loop between Rhyl and Abergele for six months, so I have naturally gone insane and scare children and pensioners, but I am happier”.