We can’t wait to clog the roads up, say Bank Holiday Caravan bastards


A group of Bank Holiday Caravan Bastards can’t wait to turn your ten minute journey into a two hour nightmare so they can spend the weekend urinating in a bucket, it has emerged.

Mark and Linda Parry, from Bolton, are hitting the road along with five thousand others later this week to spend the weekend pottering about in the fast lane of every motorway they happen to encounter.

Stocked up with boiled sweets, husband and father Mark insists on stretching the short journey out to at least four hours.

“Slow and steady wins the race”, he said today, cleverly planning on leaving early to avoid the traffic, just like every other caravan bastard in the country.

“We feel that inconveniencing the lives of several thousand people is a small price to pay for our experience pissing in a metal box in Prestatyn”