Write for Warped Wales

Warped Wales is growing!

We’re now looking to take a few submissions from outside contributors!

If you have a few ideas brewing and consider yourself a half decent writer, get your stuff submitted and we’ll give it full consideration for publication.

An average Warped Wales story can reach audiences in the tens of thousands.

If you’d like to submit anonymously, that’s fine by us, however, if you’d like a byline with a link to your Twitter/Blog/Facebook page, that’s fine too – it’s a great way to raise your profile.

Below, please submit something you think would work well on Warped Wales. Try and keep it short and snappy (200-300 words) and, of course, funny…if at all possible!

We will endeavour to read everything we’re sent, but please don’t be offended if you don’t hear back from us. Please note, chosen stories may be edited to fit the style of the site.

Remember, your spoof news article can be about anything – so don’t hold back – go nuts!

All content you submit to us must be unique to warped wales and not be published elsewhere. For any further information, email warpedwales@yahoo.co.uk