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10 Things Only People in North Wales Will Understand


1. Rhyl was your Spain

Not all of us had the cash to go frolicking in Fuengirola, so Rhyl was the cheap alternative. And back then, Rhyl was a place where £2 lasted hours, and you could have fun without being stabbed in the face for your chips.

2. Road obstructions can be interesting

We’ll take your lazy, hard hat wearing road workers and raise you a herd of terrified sheep. Beeping a horn just makes things worse.

3. As a kid you were probably dragged around Abakhan to look at sheets of fabric.

Jesus mum, just hurry up and choose your sheet of awful fabric, I’m close to topping myself.

4. Catching a verruca at Rhyl Sun Centre.

A go on the wave pool and a foot wart please

No self-respecting person can call themselves a true North Walian if they didn’t visit Rhyl Sun Centre. And it was tradition to spend the following two weeks bazookering a verucca.

5. Catching crabs in Rhyl

Interpret this how you like, but it’s accurate to you in one way or another.

6. Getting the bus to Chester with your mates.

Aside from the journey taking an unnecessary 16 hours, it was usually a decent day.

7. Chipping your PlayStation and buying copied games from Coed Mawr market.

Piracy is a crime but you didn’t care. And Crash Bandicoot for a fiver was worth the jail time anyway.

8. We have the only mountain in the world that looks like a breast and nipple.

And you’ve probably conquered that breast and rested on that nipple many times.

9. Watching Welsh news is usually a pointless exercise.

Cardiff this, Swansea that. Cardiff is about four hours away, so as far as relevant and local news goes, people in North Wales will be just as better off downloading news updates from Uganda than switching on BBC Wales.

10. You want a taxi? On ya bike. Literally.

If you want a taxi in North Wales you might as well spend your time calling a bloke in Mumbai for a ride on his Rickshaw. He’d get here quicker and will probably be slightly cheaper.

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