Controversy as Chester Zoo opens 'Wrexham Scally Enclosure' – Warped Wales

Controversy as Chester Zoo opens ‘Wrexham Scally Enclosure’

"Do not feed them""Do not feed them"


A new enclosure housing genuine scallywags from Wrexham has opened at Chester Zoo this week, but the decision has been faced with a high degree of controversy.

The ‘Wrexham Scally Enclosure’, located near the park’s Monkey Island was unveiled on Monday to hoards of excited visitors with cameras, as well as officials from Wrexham Council firing criticisms at zoo staff.

Chester Zoo worker Emma Edwards said: “We understand the complaints, but they are a fascinating species. They communicate using simple grunts and groans and always fight for territory. And yes, they do sling faeces at one another. As interesting as they are, we strongly advise zoo-goers to refrain from feeding them”.

Despite the opposition from councillors across the border, the enclosure continues to attract more tourists wanting to get up close to a genuine Wrexham troublemaker.

Emma, who’s worked at the zoo for three years added: “We were also thinking of creating a ‘Females of Flint’ attraction, but we felt it clashed too much with the Sea Lion & Walrus show we currently have running.”

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