Corbyn given official 'Bus Nutter' status after photograph emerges – Warped Wales

Corbyn given official ‘Bus Nutter’ status after photograph emerges

"This qualifies me as a bus nutter""This qualifies me as a bus nutter"


A photograph which appears to show Jeremy Corbyn sitting on a dirty floor of a bus, despite every seat being empty, has led to the Labour leader being given official ‘Bus Nutter’ status.

Just days after claiming he had to sit on the floor of a ‘rammed’ train to Newcastle, Jeremy has now been seen on the Number 4 Arriva Bus to Chester, with his legs crossed on a dirty floor surrounded by empty seats.

Bus driver Richard Parry said: “It’s well known that every bus in the UK has to have a Bus Nutter, it’s pretty much the law. But not just anyone can be a Bus Nutter”.

“You have to do something really out of the ordinary in public with no shame whatsoever, like drink cooking sauce straight from the jar whilst claiming you’ve been sent here from the sixties to teach people how to free their minds”.

“Sitting on the floor of an empty bus and imagining there are other people there hogging the seats pretty much qualifies you for the position too. There’s over 50 seats for him to choose from! Yes, they may be drenched in kebab sick and tramps wee, but they’re still seats”.