Ethiopian aid workers handing out free water in Wrexham – Warped Wales

Ethiopian aid workers handing out free water in Wrexham

Drink this, sun stricken child


Those struggling to cope in the extreme temperatures in Wrexham have been urged to head to the town centre for free bottled water courtesy of aid workers from Eastern Africa.

With temperatures in some areas hitting an unprecedented 19 degrees, hundreds across the county have been left with mild headaches, dizziness, and in extreme cases, slight reddening of the skin.

Speaking from a makeshift emergency aid camp set-up near Island Green, Red Cross worker Abagbe Azikiwi said: “Sometimes hot weather can strike when you least expect it. People in North Wales were only built to withstand drizzle and thick layers of fog, so days like today can hit them hard”.

The 27-year-old aid worker added: “I saw one man earlier sweating profusely, swaying around and shouting in tongues. These are classic symptoms of heat exposure. Or he could have just been off his tits, I’m not sure”.

Red Cross, who are now appealing worldwide for financial assistance, have said that just £5 a month can keep a hot and bothered Wrexham family fully stocked up on Calippos, pear cider and bottles of after sun.

And just £10 a month can pay for the family therapy required for when the dad inevitably drinks too much of the pear cider and beats up the neighbours.