Facebook users running low on inspirational quotes to share – Warped Wales

Facebook users running low on inspirational quotes to share



Thousands of Facebook users have found themselves running ‘dangerously low’ on inspirational quotes to not entirely understand but share on their newsfeeds this week, it has emerged.

It’s believed that quotations from the likes of Socrates, Edgar Allan Poe and Winston Churchill have had their profundity ‘watered down’ by excessive sharing, forcing users to turn to the musings of more contemporary wordsmiths, like Harry Styles, or Dappy from N-Dubz.

“I love to share quotes about being a strong woman who doesn’t care what people think”, said Facebook user Emma Price from Wrexham today. “But there’s just none left to share. People are going to think I have no real depth now. I just want them to like me”.

Likewise, Dan Thomas from Queensferry, who hasn’t blindly shared an ancient philosophical observation for nearly two days now, said: “I just wish that Plato would have said more stuff! But I suppose he wasn’t to know that millions of people would one day be sharing his words on computers.

“He was just a cartoon dog after all”.