Holywell kids still rocking the Kappas – Warped Wales

Holywell kids still rocking the Kappas



Kids in Holywell are still wearing fluorescent Kappa jackets, Joe Bloggs t-shirts and baggy popper pants, Warped Wales can reveal.

The Kappa Craze was thought to have died in the late nineties after it was discovered there was no logical reason to unbutton your trousers up to your thigh. The younger generation of Holywell however are proving that there’s life in the style yet.

“Looking back, it was a bizarre concept”, explained fashion expert Cedric Peters.  “Why would you need a pair of cotton trousers with a strip of buttons that, when ‘popped’, leave your pants looking like a damaged sail on a boat? But, if that’s what the kids round Holywell and Halkyn are still into, who am I to judge?”

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