"I regret nothing", says naked Snowdonia hiker – Warped Wales

“I regret nothing”, says naked Snowdonia hiker

"I'm not deeply sorry"


A Welshman accused of ruining several family walks and corporate bonding exercises after stripping naked on the top of Mount Snowdon on Sunday has hit back at criticisms today, saying he “regrets nothing”, and would “totally do it again”.

Mike Fisher from Rhyl, arrested on his way down the mountain for indecent exposure, claims he found himself ‘swept up’ in the awe and majesty of the surrounding landscape, and felt an uncontrollable urge to strip naked and expose himself to fellow hikers.

“Seeing those rolling hills and rocky peaks bathed in glorious sunshine instilled a primal urge within me. An urge to get my knackers out. I don’t see what the big deal is anyway, it’s only natural.

“Apart from my third nipple. I admit that isn’t exactly what you’d call “natural”.

Emma Parry from Colwyn Bay, who was approaching the summit with her ten year old son when she saw Mr Fisher in all his glory, said: “I was utterly appalled. I wanted to take my son Jake up Snowdon because he has a growing interest in geography, but that was certainly not the type of crevice I wanted him to see.

“And it put me right off my banana too”, she added.