"I was looking for Shredder", claims Clyde the Turtle – Warped Wales

“I was looking for Shredder”, claims Clyde the Turtle



A West African Mud Turtle thought to have been kidnapped from the Blue Planet Aquarium in Ellesmere Port has returned safely, claiming he’d been on a special mission to find ‘Shredder’.

‘Clyde’ sparked national panic after staff reported that he’d been kidnapped by a visitor. The two year old, who’s just 20cm long, was trending on Twitter under the hashtag #FindClyde.

“I was trying to find Shredder”, the mini reptile revealed upon his return to the aquarium. “Someone’s got to stop him. I had a bit of shit from Bebop and Rocksteady in Stanney Woods nature reserve down the road, that’s why I took so long”.

Clyde said it was his first trip outside captivity and says he plans on more ventures beyond the automatic doors. “I’m a crime fighter by trade”, he continued. “I spent a few hours out there in the Port and it’s pretty clear the place needs me. What a shit hole”.

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