‘Jurassic Wales’: Welsh Mountain Zoo attraction ‘huge hit’ with visitors – Warped Wales

‘Jurassic Wales’: Welsh Mountain Zoo attraction ‘huge hit’ with visitors


Visitors to The Welsh Mountain Zoo in Colwyn Bay have been given Hollywood-style treatment this week, as zookeepers have openly tended to animals in the style of ‘Owen Grady’, the velociraptor trainer from the huge summer blockbuster Jurassic World.

‘Jurassic Wales’, which has attracted visitors from all over the UK, gives visitors the chance to watch everyday animals like sheep, goats and cows be herded and fed just like dinosaurs would be, should such a park exist.

Sheep tamer Daniel Jones, who has been reenacting the infamous ‘raptor taming’ scene since Sunday, said: “While a herd of Welsh Balwen sheep might not seem as kickass as a group of blood-thirsty raptors, do not be fooled. A Balwen has a pretty nasty nip when he’s pissed off. It’s not just entertainment it’s protection. To a certain degree”

Zoo owner Guy Smith, who is considering extending the theme to run throughout the summer, said: “It’s fantastic that we’ve been able to engage with our visitors in such a fun way..

“I am however getting a little concerned about Dan. He seems to be taking this far too seriously. He’s beginning to dress like Owen Grady outside of working hours now, and yesterday I found him grappling with a distressed goat in the petting pen, screaming “shooooooot her, shooooooot her!”

“The children were petrified”.