Local lad talking about "Article 50" like he knows what he's going on about – Warped Wales

Local lad talking about “Article 50” like he knows what he’s going on about

"Oh, so you do politics now?""Oh, so you do politics now?"


A local lad is engaging people in politically-motivated conversations about “Article 50” in such a way that suggests he actually knows what he’s going on about, it’s been revealed.

Phil Edwards, 26, who six months ago thought the European Union was an Irish boy band, now feels anything he says of a mildly political nature will somehow be given more credence if he drops the words “Article 50” in there somewhere.

“In all honesty, Phil knows shit all about politics”, admitted close friend, Joe. “Prior to this referendum, his level of understanding about what was happening in the world was determined by whatever UniLad decided to share on Facebook.  Now he’s brandishing political opinions around like he’s Winston fucking Churchill”.

Joe, who has been left with no choice but to steer conversations away from topics that will trigger Phil off on another ill-informed tirade of unsubstantiated nonsense regurgitated from a viral Facebook post, said he’s had enough.

“He doesn’t actually know what Article 50 is, he just thinks that if it’s “used” he won’t have to share a country with brown people anymore. Why he suddenly has this deep-set indignation towards foreigners is beyond me.

“He lives in Ewloe for fuck’s sake, he’s never even met one.”

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