Man new to the area unsure about his new Personal Trainer – Warped Wales

Man new to the area unsure about his new Personal Trainer



A London man who moved to the north to begin a new life this month is having second thoughts about his new PT, he has revealed. Tom Langdon, who secured a job in Chester and made the move with his wife, has prepaid for 10 PT sessions, but is already considering asking for his money back.

Speaking from his new home in Connah’s Quay this morning, Langdon said: “I’ve been using personal trainers back in London for years now and I didn’t want that to change. I didn’t actually find this guy, he found me. He approached me and commented on my physique and it sort of went from there”.

Langdon said his suspicions were raised when he was asked to meet his new PT down alleyways and in the early hours of the morning, and that there’s been very little focus on cardio, just “a lot of unnecessary flexing”.

Langdon added: “I’m going to give him another chance. Anyway, I have to dash, I have another session in an hour. Apparently we’re doing squats. No sure why he’s bringing a camera but I’m not the expert”.